We are under an informational attack of proportions never seen before.

From the Fraudvid19 to climate engineering to vaccine ID and progressivism. This world has suffered a deep brainwashing affecting the youth and the elder. Do not worry, you still have time to DETOXIFY your mind. And this is your first pill.

Disclaimer: This website contains controversial content, if you feel offended, oppressed or emotionally compromised by the exposure to alternative views, solid common sense and deductive content, get out of this website right now.

Taking the mask off the MEDIA, POLITICS, and JUNK PSEUDO SCIENCE

So what the HELL is going on OUT THERE.
The open covidian agenda is simple.

All you hear and read from the major news aggregators is a prescribed narrative, a combination of opinionated news, media negligence, corruption, and the transmission of propaganda. This formula works quite well when implemented over an unaware population with short term memory and inability to co-relate new information coming from sources that are not the traditional channels. The reality has more to offer, here some critical heavy subjects you need to be aware of:

Tribalization of vaxed against unvaxxed

You are told about the new enemy: the infamous unvaxxed, the new buiterrorist to expell from society, from your family, from the workplace, the new lepper needs to be isolated and taken down by coercion, or by force.

Pandemicism, lockdowns and vaccine ID's

The vaxport is coming. And fast. It is the new global visa or ID. The pharmaceuticals salivate when they see the commercial opportunity of new viruses, or "strings" of the same virus. So your yearly vaccine membership plan will never end. Welcome to the pharma dominated economics and your future drug-dependent lifestyle.
Watch the OPEN VAERS projects with ADVERSE EFFECTS All over

Vax and drug company Cultism

You are told the new Gods are Pfizer and the pharma drug lords, so you have to build cult thinking around the mega drug cartels ruling world health. You wlll even go as far as tattooing your drug dealer's logo in your arm to showcase your commitment to the highest virtues.

So how is 2021?

An absolute social paranoia combined with delusional parasitosis under chronic media brainwashing. This outcome is happening in the minds of every urban habitant.

When you watch the news, when you watch your "health experts", when you watch the ever changing Bio-politics, when you witness the bizarre Covid "science" contradictions, when you see the headlines in the the main newspapers, you only know one thing: 

the BULLSHIT making machine is turned ON.

Remember: The top news channels of each COUNTRY have all been sold out to financial mafias, political gangs and pharmaceutical overlords.

These media channels that once earned a reputation of credibility and truth, moved towards a complete inversion of reality and became ideologists and architects of a new dystopian broken social contract.



Here some TRUTH drops so we wake up and stop being gullible naive zombies.

You wish it was a conspiracy theory, it is a public agenda.

Now that mask rules are being lifted by the Red States and most big box retailers, even in Blue states, there’s a new reason for the control freaks to feel paranoid, angry, confused and yes, dumb – when they have to look at all the intelligent and healthy people who aren’t wearing masks because we figured out the control scam and “flipped the script.”

The overinflated Wuhan flue is created with one end in sight: normalize societal top-down, global obedience, set a precedent for unlimited lockdown "emergency orders" that can bypass national constitutions, terrorize people into forced experimental vaccinations and track all human cattle.

And here a shocker: You will enforce the program by becoming an ambassador of the agenda. And don't even dare to question anything.

The ever changing and morphing Covid19 pseudo science becomes bizarre, contradictory and dysfunctional.

Everybody runs for the injection, but won't be allowed to be naturally immune, exercised or even treated. There is no talk about treatments, there are only talks about masks, strains, vaccines and fear porn.  European database shows 405,250+ covid vaccine injuries, 10,570+ deaths (so far)

YOU need to DETOX your Brain of the MEDIA terrorization caused by the FraudVid19 Fiasco

Some prominent disinformation fake news media cartels:

The question is not how people doesn't understand information but why they not look at the information

Most of the vaccinated sheeple are and will continue to wear their useless, bacteria-laden masks because they’ve been brainwashed into paranoia and hate

So what's the deal with the FAKE news in mainstream INTERNET, TV and social media?

The marriage hi-tech+News media giants propagandists are brainwashing you all day long.

The favorite tactic of the propagandists is to call white black and black white. They will twist reality to an extend that you will simply obey and won't question anything.

Globalists are attacking the foundations of western culture: Religion, family unit, values and moral grounds.

The hyper corrupt and degenerate globalists will attack all foundations of western society, from family, to schools to culture. And it is the culture where the street war begins.

Internet will move towards China style censorship, with digital ID cards, credit score and total information suppression.

The window to access information, investigative journalism and hard science is getting narrow and narrower. It will soon be controlled by a bunch of internet lords.

Few companies will own all the media of the world. FAke news, fake history and fake science will be delivered by those groups.

Yes, even if you have hundreds of channels worldwise, the news sources are the same: few giant news making companies spreading the disinfo as mainstream news.

How do we see this playing out in the streets and culture?

How to counter attack the GLOBAL MAFIAS of climate, pharmaceuticals and progressivism.

Get OUT of Fakebook, twitter and find alternative social networks.

No more Google searches. All the real news are blacklisted.

Resist the peer pressure from the brainwashed.

Ridicule their absurd pseudo sciences.

Expose the lies and share them with your friends and family.

Counter attack false information with true information.

Speed up meme wars and information warfare imagery.

Decentralize and de-affiliate from woke groups.

List down the names of the crooks playing the strings in the background.

Shut off TV stations and state owned channels.

Cross reference sources and do peer validation.

Stand up in your feet

There is a WAR against your common sense and your logic. Push back.